Top tips on how to make your Koh Samui wedding rock!

Wedding music and venue 

Looking for a wedding DJ on Koh Samui? Music obviously plays a big part and can easily set the scene right from the start. For this reason, it’s important to set your stall early. First impressions count! Think about the music you want your guests to hear the moment they step in to your arena, be it a villa, hotel or even on the beach.

Set The Scene – Wedding Venues

The day usually starts with your guests entering the property be it a private villa or hotel. Set the scene by having some music playing in the background. Think about the tone that you wish to set. This is very personal, it could be serene or fun, upbeat and lively. Remember it’s your wedding and a reflection of your own personalities.

The Wedding Ceremony

Pre-and post-ceremony. Ideally 15 or 20 minutes before the ceremony the music should change to set the mood for the grand entrance - ‘the bridal walk’. Once you’ve selected the song to walk in to ensure its long enough. Some properties are quite large and the walk from your room to the alter can take a few minutes! You may want to have a tune playing for the signing and of course the recessional walk.


Remember it’s a long day and you need to keep your guests entertained. The whole day should be well choreographed. Do your best to seem it together without long pauses with nothing happening. Again, music is a great filler of space. Ensure once again that the mood is set after the ceremony.

Wedding Packages

Entertainment. Budget can and probably will play a part so it’s best to enquire about the price for an all day package or indeed just for a certain period. From experience, most people usually book from dinner to the end of the evening, as this is the time it really matters. Some people prefer a live band, however finding an act that can do everything a DJ can do at the touch of a button can be quite challenging especially in remote parts of Thailand. Of course, the cost is infinitely higher too, that being said a good band can certainly rock a party!

Wedding Music

Once you’ve found the act or DJ of your choice it’s always good to touch base usually via email on a destination wedding. Each group is slightly different in their preferences. I tend to find 25 to 35 year olds like 90s/ Old skool hip-hop and R&B from this period. Over 40s perhaps more 80s. Just giving your act the heads up makes a big difference on the night. Of course it’s important to give the DJ/ band poetic license on exactly what gets played and when. Be sure not to clip their wings with a list of what not to play as this really spoils the flow. A meeting at the venue is always a good idea. Get your DJ or bandleader to help you when floor planning. My golden rule is: dance floor in front of the DJ, the bar next to the dance floor and the toilets close by. This way it keeps the whole group together; dancers and none dancers!


The schedule plays a massive part and of course your MC. As people walk in to dine the music should be a little upbeat and happy and then settle down somewhat over dinner and again build toward the end, a good performer will know this. Maybe think of an entrance tune for the bride and groom and wedding party. Get your MC to announce you! It’s important to note that the MC should work hand in hand with the DJ, letting the track finish first before any announcement and letting the DJ know when the announcement or speech has ended. There should be no pregnant pauses with people looking at one another confused as to what is happening!

Party Time

Generally, when all the formalities are over it’s usually time to cut the cake. I find this is a good breaking point to let people stretch their legs while the staff cut the cake and offer it to your guests. Usually a good 20 minutes if time allows. This leads us nicely in to the first dance. Get your MC to have everyone to surround the dance floor. No one should be left sitting down!!! An MC with the right personality can coax them to their feet! Once the first dance has started this opens up PARTY TIME!!!


From this point on let the music play. All of the formalities or side shows such as fire lanterns/ fireworks etc. should have occurred. There’s nothing worse than being stopped in full flow with a happening dance floor, only to have to re-start the party because someone wants a photo of the bouquet being tossed. Given the chance, people will sit down and usually stay there for the rest of the night. Don’t give them that opportunity! One very important element is the length of the time you expect people to dance. From experience 2 to 2 1/2 hours is long enough, especially in a hot country. Ideally at the end of the night most people should still be there and indeed dancing. Also, if it is hot maybe fans on the dance floor!

Beach Wedding

Everyone loves a beach wedding! From a technical perspective, if your wedding is outside, ensure there is a plan for rain. Usually in Asia it will rain hard for 20 minutes and then totally stop! So, ensure your entertainment has adequate protection, as the show must go on even if you have to scramble for cover it’s nice to keep the energy alive. Also, quality of sound, ensure if you have a group over 30 or so that you have a sub bass speaker to give it warmth. Lighting is nice but not essential, as the wedding planner will invariably add ambient lighting.

First, Last and Outstanding

When your guests and indeed yourselves look back on the day and the evening with fond memories they are usually the first, the last and the outstanding. Therefore, ensure the night finishes with a bang if possible. Think of that last tune that will get everyone up ideally singing, hugging, kissing, crying (with joy)! Above all on the day just enjoy every moment and rejoice in the anecdotes, craziness and unexpected. It’s very rare it will all go exactly to plan and there may be some hairy moments but these are the tails you’ll be telling your grandchildren in years to come!